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North Dakota and Wisc Unit Newsletters Posted

The February/March issue of the North Dakota Peace Garden Unit newsletter the Prairie Rose is available on their website at or download now.

The January issue of the WI Unit newsletter the Badger Bulletin is available on their website at or download now.

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Winter IBT Report

Stanley Schwenke
2nd Vice-President – Region 7

The Winter IBT Meeting/Rally was held January 14 – 18, 2008 at Gonzales, Louisiana. The open seminar was held on January 15th and the Executive Meeting and IBT Meeting was held on January 18th. Live streaming was offered on the internet and the meetings have been archived so anyone can hear exactly what transpired. This is available at and then click on the IBT link. A short summation of the highlights follows:

The reports of the Standing Committees were presented and I have noted some items.
Budget: We are running a deficit budget this year due to loss of total membership and loss of advertising income. Ewalds Airstream will be one of three dealers that will not be advertising in the Blue Beret this year. They are cutting back on expenses. The IBT instructed the budget committee to make recommendations to balance the budget.
Caravan: As of January 18th there were 16 caravans scheduled to come to the Bozeman International Rally.
Family & Youth: A website is being set up for the youth of the WBCCI to chat and get information on International Youth Activities.
The common cents child from Perry, GA is undergoing chemo and may need a lung transplant. Her progress can be followed on
The Special Committee reports highlights were:
Long Range Planning: Bill Schrader #283 was selected by this committee to be Chairman. There are currently five members on this committee and they are looking for two more. February 10th is the deadline for resumes for anyone interested in joining this committee. It will be called the 20/20 committee.
Electronic Communications: This committee has worked with Units, Regions, Intra-Clubs and National and Special Event Rallies to create free WBCCI websites that are linked to each other. To date, 41 Units, 6 Regions, 2 Intra-Club and 2 National and Special Event Rally websites have been created. The goal is to expand the network to include as many of the units, regions, etc. as are interested in sites.
Motions of note:
#5 The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of officers which will include all candidates deemed suitable for each office, etc. This motion was defeated 16 – 2. (Candidates not nominated by the committee should get their resumes in the April Blue Beret, deadline of Feb. 15th. This will give the units time to review the candidates and instruct their delegates on how to vote at the June delegate’s meeting).
#8 The Units, Regions and International may use the title First Lady or First Mate on their badges as appropriate. This motion adopted.
#10 Adding a notification to the Blue Book that Units now need to file an annual 990-N form with the IRS. This motion adopted.
#13 Mississippi Unit flag – Adopted.
#14 Hudson-Mohawk New York flag – Adopted
#15 Vintage Airstream Club flag – Adopted
Other notes: Barry Heckenswiler (past President of Region 2) will be nominated by the Nominating Committee for 3rd International VP at Bozeman. During the months of November-December, The Wisconsin Unit had the third highest hits on their website with 566. The total hits on all sites was 6,550.

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