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From the Region 7 President


The IBT has come and gone. You could say it was somewhat of a circus, in a good way. We completed the tasks before us and set up another list to tackle. The Region 3 folks did an outstanding job putting together the rally. The weather cooperated, the facility was good and the food was great. We were even entertained two evenings by a family that has been in the circus business for eight generations. The 2019 IBT rally will be on the gulf coast of Alabama. I have always been a proponent of this rally as it gives members good access to the decision makers of the club.

There were a number of unit name changes, flag changes, and unit badges approved. There were also changes made to the model unit constitution contained in Blue Book. The changes made reflect what some units are actually doing. If your unit is in the process of certifying your C&BL, and you are using the model as a starting point, please review the new model before submitting. Remember, any changes to your C&BL has to be voted on by your members.

There will be a motion on the floor at the delegates meeting in Salem. The current timing of the IBT meetings are set in stone. They have to be just before and just after the International Rally. The proposed motion will ease that restriction and allow the president to possibly schedule the meetings during the rally. This may allow the members a better opportunity to observe the workings of the IBT. Please discuss with other members and have your delegate ready to vote.

Two new special committees were formed to hopefully help make region officer positions a little less demanding in regards to time and duration. One is to look at shortening the overall number of years to complete a region term. The second is to look at using electronic communication to attend meetings when travel is not practical.

On to other matters…..

The camping season should almost be upon us. The winter parties are coming to a completion. Look at the WBCCI calendar to find out what is going on. If you don’t have your events listed on the calendar, get them out there. If you don’t tell Jackson Center about your event, they can’t tell the world.   Wisconsin and Minnesota have a St Patty’s day party in March. The Wisconsin Easter Rally is the end of March. We will spend most of the month on the Cajun Caravan and are really looking forward to the experience.

Get out there and enjoy your trailer or motorhome.

As always……….travel safe

Pete Yanke, Region 7 President


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