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From the Region 7 President


WBCCI….the Wally Byum Caravan Club International.  The operative word in that title is caravan. Yes we are an Airstream exclusive organization. The early caravans were not so exclusive. When you tell people that you belong to the WBCCI you can get some funny looks. Then you tell them it’s the Airstream club and they understand. With that in mind we have adopted the name of the Wally Byum Airstream Club or WBAC. 

Even though caravan is not part of our identifier it is still a big part of our identity. You get to travel the country with old friends and make new ones. It does not matter if the it is a two day caravan of a three month caravan. The same thoughts apply. It is the adventure of the unknown. It is as close to being a pioneer as most of us will get. You get to explore new places and experiences. Try new foods. Hear new music and stories. 

I am writing this as we are parked in a campground in Abbeville, LA.  We are on the Cajun Country Caravan. Again, we are with some old friends and a bunch of new friends. It seems like we have known these people for a lifetime. This is our first national caravan. We have done a number of unit and regional caravans. The outcome is exactly the same. You have a good time.

The purpose of all this is to get you to try a caravan. Any caravan. We found out early on that we really enjoyed the caravan part of the WBCCI. We enjoy rallies, don’t get me wrong. It is impressive to see a group of Airstream units parked together. It is just as impressive to see a string of them going down the hiway.

As we move to the summer months go try a caravan. There are a number of them headed to the International rally in Salem OR. Look for a local caravan. Find one headed to a region rally. Let them wheels roll. 

As the Cajuns say…”Lasez le bon temps roulet” or “Let the good times roll”.

As always………Travel safe

Pete Yanke, Region 7 President

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Heritage Days Rally

August 28, 2018 – September 2, 2018
Region 7 “Heritage Days” Rally at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds, Fargo, North Dakota
Information to view and download:





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